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Is scrapping an old car worth it?

Whether or not you decide to scrap an old car you may have been lucky enough to have owned, depends on what the Independently Audited Value of the car is, relative to any Costs you will need to incur to repair the car or get it roadworthy again.


To decide whether to keep your car or not, start by calculating your Vehicle’s Street Value


Avoid the temptation to use the precharted value that you find on websites. This may have inaccuracies in it depending on when the data was calculated and published online.


Inaccurate data means you could sell your car for less than the price the market is prepared to pay you for it. It could also lead to you overpricing your car, and not getting many enquiries for it.


Get your Car Independently Valued by a Cash for Cars expert


Auto Recyclers Perth is a Cash for old Cars company whose In-house Car Buying Experts value cars on a daily basis for a living.


Getting your Car valued by an expert will ensure you sell it for the best price possible. Experienced Cash for Cars Buyers doesn’t get too many of their figures wrong. So, you can generally trust the figures they give you. recommendations trustworthy.


Should you sell your car or keep it?


You can work this out by following this simple mathematical model:

  • Take the Valuation your Cash for Car dealer has given you and deduct it from the Cost of Repairs you’ve worked out with your Mechanic (don’t forget to add any Pink Slip or Green Slip expenses to your Estimated Cost of Repairs)
    • Repairs must last for a minimum of 12-0 254 months depending on the age of your car.


  • The decision Point – if your car’s Independently Audited Valuation exceeds the cost of your Car’s Repair quote, you can safely sell your vehicle.


If, however, your car’s Valuation is less than its Estimated Cost of Repairs, then it makes no sense to keep your car – you should sell it- preferably to a Cash for Car dealer.


Why Cash for Car dealers make sense to sell your car to, in today’s world?


  • Cash for Car dealers pay Instant Cash for Cars
  • Most will give you a Valuation for your car over the phone itself, followed by a formal offer to purchase it
  • Should you accept the Cash for Car Merchant’s offer, they will drive to your residence – pay you cash for your car – on the spot – before they drive or tow it away – at their cost
  • Cash for car companies will also assist you with paperwork as it relates to transferring your vehicle to its new owners

For more information regarding scraping a car read our check list


To sell your car for cash, please call Auto-Recyclers on 0416 150 400.


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