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Scrap Car Checklist: 4 Things to Know before Scrapping Your Car

There are things to know before you have your vehicle scrapped. Auto Recyclers offers the following information for car owners with scrap condition vehicles that are considering having them scrapped. We are a local car removal company that pays cash for scrap cars of every make and condition.

1. Have the Documentation Ready

When Selling a Scrap Car, there is documentation that the owner will have to provide to the scrap car buyer. Documentation includes a valid Photo ID, proof of ownership of the vehicle such as the title for the vehicle or its registration or scrap certificate. It is necessary for the scrap car buyer to confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle legally. When obtaining a cash quote from the company, the appraiser should let you know the various documentation they will require when they buy your car. If they do not, ask the provider. Auto Recyclers provides cash quotes over the phone and online.

2. Enquire About Any Additional Requirements That the Scrap Car Buyer

Before accepting a cash offer for the vehicle be sure you know any requirement policy of the removal company. Do they have towing requirements, where should you park the vehicle? Do they need the keys for the vehicle? Do you need to be present? Knowing these details in advance will ensure that you are prepared, and the sales process goes smoothly.

3. Remove All Personal Items from Your Car

Once the vehicle is hauled away, the property no longer belongs to you. Remove everything from the glove box, under the seats, and in the trunk of your car before they come to collect the vehicle.

4. Remove the License Plates

If you are purchasing a new vehicle, plates can usually be transferred so you will have savings. If you are not purchasing a new vehicle, turn the plates in.

Car removal companies and auto recyclers are the best choices in a scrap cash car buyer. Auto Recyclers pays top cash for cars of every make and condition, offering all our services at no cost.

When you sell your scrap car to us, you get to enjoy:

  • Free car removal
  • Free car wreckers
  • Free car recycling
  • Free paperwork

We buy vehicles nearly instantly. Get a quote with us by contacting us over the phone or visiting our homepage to complete our online quote form. We are your cash scrap car buyer that will pay you cash today.

Call us for a top cash offer at 0416 150 400.

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