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Hidden Fees to Watch Out for When Selling A Car

When selling a used car, sellers need to be aware of hidden fees, or they can be scammed as much as $300. That’s a chunk of change cutting into the profit of the sale.  Auto Recyclers Perth is a cash car buyer that does not charge any fees to sell vehicles. We offer the following information on what to look out for.


When selling a vehicle, avoiding fees is easy if you know what to look for. Towing is the costliest fee and one that sellers should not be charged for. If you obtain a cash offer from a cash for cars buyer, a dealer, or buyer and they expect you to pay for the towing, go elsewhere. If the vehicle is roadworthy, a tow truck is not needed, and you may be able to get a little more for the vehicle.


Many Cash for Car companies or wreckers will require car sellers to prep their vehicle before picking up. Prepping often includes draining the liquids of the vehicle. This includes the fuel tank. If the seller does not drain the liquids, the company may charge somewhere around $50 for the service. Go with a company that offers the services for free. Auto Recyclers Perth does not charge to prep the vehicle and does not request sellers to prep their vehicles for pickup.


Most cash for car companies claims they offer free paperwork. When the company provides the paperwork, often there is a document transfer fee which is charged against the original offer.

Car Cleaning & Detailing

It is not often that a cash for cars or another buyer will charge a cleaning and detailing fee, but sometimes it’s done. Be sure that you are selling your car in “as is” condition to avoid the fee.


When selling a vehicle, accurately disclose the information in regard to the vehicle. Don’t say the engine runs great if it doesn’t. Let the buyer know about any issues, etc. Auto Recyclers Perth is a cash car buyer that does not include any hidden fees to get your car sold. When we make an offer for a vehicle, that is the cash price you will receive. We valuate vehicles over the phone and online with no pressure to accept our offers.


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