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Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit In Western Australia

Yes, you read correctly – you can legally drive an unlicensed car in Western Australia – but only with the right permits of course! It is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle in WA, but under certain circumstances, you can be issued 2 key permits. Those permits are the Temporary Movement Permit and the Unlicensed Vehicle Permit. Although very similar, there are some key differences between them which we will talk about below.

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The Temporary Movement Permit

The Temporary Movement Permit is a Motor Injury Insurance Policy and is a more short-term permit compared to the Unlicensed Vehicle Permit. They are issued for up to 48 hours for unlicensed vehicles in Western Australia for purposes that may include the following:

  • A vehicle, such as a tractor, being transported to an agricultural location with the intention to remain there
  • An agricultural vehicle being taken to or from the nearest place where repairs will be made
  • An agricultural or industrial vehicle being taken to somewhere for display such as for an agricultural field day
  • A vehicle being taken somewhere where it will be repaired by licensed repairers
  • A vehicle being taken somewhere for road testing by licensed examiners

However, you can’t receive a Temporary Movement Permit for any reason. For example, you cannot obtain a TMP for transporting unlicensed vehicles for wrecking or parts.

You can apply for a Temporary Movement Permit online.

The Unlicensed Vehicle Permit

Unlike the Temporary Movement Permit, an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit is valid from 60 hours to 12 months. It is often used to transport rally cars or vehicles, recreational vehicles as well as much larger industrial vehicles.

An Unlicensed Vehicle Permit is often used for:

  • Rally Cars
  • Rally Support Vehicles
  • Motorcycles that will be entered in competitions or demonstrations
  • Oversized/Over dimensioned (such as industrial, mining or agricultural) vehicles or equipment that are not eligible to be defined as Class B
  • Vehicles overweight on axles, that are not legible to being defined as Class C
  • Vehicles used primarily for recreation
  • Vehicles that don’t comply with standard licenses

You can apply for your application to the Department of Transport, Vehicle Safety, and Standards. Lodging must be made at least 14 days before the permit is required.

To apply for an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit call 13 11 56


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